Michigan Comic Book Expo


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The Michigan Comic Book Expo is very happy to have Artistic Ape Studio – Rob Miller from Season 8 of Face Off returning to this years show.

Join us on July 29th to see Rob’s new creations and get a first hand look at the work of one of the must talented sculptor and special effects artist in Michigan.







The Michigan Comic Book Expo is happy to welcome Jay Fosgitt as a guest this year. Jay is the creator of Dead Duck and the acclaimed all ages comic series BODIE TROLL as well as contributing cover art for Marvel Comics. Be sure to come see him on July 29th at the Yack Arena for this years show. You can see more of Jay’s art and learn about the work he is doing for Marvel Comics at his website http://www.jayfosgitt.com/





SAzCqzJk The Michigan Comic Book Expo is very happy to have Dave Acosta joining us this year. Dave has work on such projects as “Vampirella”, “Red Sonja”, “Twilight Zone/The Shadow” and “Doc Savage: Altered States” for Dynamite Comics. Now he’ll be at the Yack Arena on July 29th. Learn more about Dave at his web site http://davedrawsgood.com/

Dave Acosta is freelance illustrator and comic artist. His most recent projects include “Vampirella”, “Red Sonja”, “Doc Savage: Altered States” and “Chastity” for Dynamite Comics. Dave lives in Michigan with his talented and beautiful wife Carrie, and their two children.




The Michigan Comic Book Expo and Attack At The Yack are very happy to welcome Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart to this years event. You’ll be able to meet him July 29th for autographs and photos at our events at Yack Arena.

Best known as the explosive powerhouse of the legendary Hart Foundation where he was a two-time WWF Tag Team Champion with Bret Hart. He headlined two pay-per-views for the WWF: Survivor Series 1989 and In Your House 16: Canadian Stampede.





The Michigan Comic Book Expo is very happy to announce that we will be joined this year by wrestling superstar Ken Anderson. (You may remember him from his time with the WWE as Mr. Kennedy). He will be with us all day to sign autographs and take photos and will have a match that night (July 29th) at Attack At The Yack.






 Simmons02The Michigan Comic Book Expo and Attack At The Yack is very happy to announce the first guest for this years event. The one and only Ron Simmons will be joining us on July 29th! DAMN!

From the WWE website: A multiple time tag champ in both WWE and WCW and a College Football Hall of Famer, the big man’s greatest achievement came on Aug. 2, 1992, when he defeated Big Van Vader to become the first officially recognized African-American world champion in sports-entertainment. Like “Sailor” Art Thomas, Bobo Brazil and Rocky Johnson before him, Simmons broke down barriers and paved the way for future Superstars like The Rock and Booker T.




As you may know there will be some changes to the Michigan Comic Book Expo this year.  The biggest of which is the joining to the comic show and the live wrestling with Attack At The Yack featuring the amazing talents of the XICW. So, this year when you pay to get into the comic expo your admission includes a ticket to watch live wresting that night.



10/28/16 –

The next Michigan Comic Book Expo will be held on July 29th, 2017 at the Wyandotte Yack Arena. There will be some changes to the format and additions to the show as we look to improve on what we started this year. Look for the registrations forms to be available soon for anyone how wants to get a jump on signing up.

Oh, and did I mention table prices will be going down.